Ron Welling

Born in Ilford close to London, Ron went to school at Westcliff high school for boys. He enjoyed a successful and varied career as a chartered accountant. He has worked in both private practice, for large international corporations and also as tutor in adult education including as a volunteer for prison inmates.

He has always wanted to write and close up experience of human nature at its best and worst over a long career he has observed what to him were the seeds of many thriller stories. In his younger years he was a keen player of rugby, football and cricket. He has travelled widely and the first two chapters of his first novel The Price came from an idea when visiting the Caribbean island of St Lucia he was approached on the wide sandy beach and asked by a local if he was the Commissioner of Police.

Now retired and living in the Channel Islands with Margaret, his wife of 56 years, charitable work, playing tennis and travel keep him busy. His second novel The Paper chase, a sequel to The Price, is now being published.

The Paper Chase

A crime thriller sequel to The Price

Claire has a past. Harry Stone sent her to spy on Rick but instead she moved in with him and enjoyed the high life. Rick knows nothing of Claire’s past and that is way it must stay.

But Stone is angry. He has been dragged into money laundering, handling a large bundle of greasy used paper money for drug dealers. He loses the wads of notes and he needs to access his Panama bank accounts to repay. But Claire holds the codes to these accounts and she is going to keep them as insurance against Stone talking to Rick about her past.

But Claire’s past quickly confronts her and she sees the murky world that Stone has been dragged into.

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ISBN: 978-1-912575-60-2

The Price

A crime thriller

Harry Stone, always flirting on the edge of the law, no friend of the tax authorities, ruthless, arrogant and married only to money, Stone seeks the deal of his career and he tries to manipulate Claire to achieve it.

Claire is young, resourceful, but rapidly out of her depth and never born to be a spy for Stone. Recoiling at the violence and corruption she uncovers, she seeks a way out.

But a drug cartel with connections in the UK and the Caribbean seek revenge on Stone for not paying protection money for his Elizabethan mansion.

When does the price of success become too much? Extortion? Bankruptcy, Or Murder?

Harry Stone is taught a lesson and Claire moves on.

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ISBN: 978-1-912575-60-2


A great read

Well written, good characterization, excellent plot and satisfying and unexpected conclusion. What more could one ask? I was sorry when it finished and would have liked to make it last longer but just had to know what happened!


Excellent novel

This is a novel that moves along at a good pace. The characters are all believable and well developed, who all play their part in the storyline. The story gives an insight into business, the taxman, drug gangs, and dodgy deals. Written by an accountant, this book however is definitely Not just for boring number crunchers!


A compelling read

I warmly commend The Price by Ron Welling. It is an extremely well written book, superb descriptive language and a developing plot that makes it very difficult to put down. The murky world of underhand dealings, tax evasion, protectionism, espionage and greed are all well researched and understood. The story begins in the Carribean Island, St Lucia with Harry Stone the central player and East End developer involved in the protection demands of a local drug gang. It moves to a further deal back in England but never far away from the protectionism of the St Lucia drug Lords. Compelling, feasible and a hugely exciting novel.

Fred Noden

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